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Frequently asked questions

What is NavForward?

NavForward is a data-driven legal recruiting company. We believe that a critical step toward optimizing an associate’s career is joining the law firm whose historical track record most closely aligns with his or her desired outcome. Our software ranks law firms according to the metrics most important to associates (i.e., promotion rates, in-house and government exits, attrition, practice focus, etc.). Clients leverage our data to differentiate between seemingly similar law firms to identify the firm(s) that will maximize their career prospects.

What is our process?

We start by understanding your career goals. Based on that information, we perform a granular analysis of the data to identify the firm(s) that offer the best opportunities to realize those goals. About 30% of the time, all things considered, the data suggests that a client’s current firm is the optimal fit. When that is not the case, we help you select the target firm(s) that will optimize your outcome. We then guide you through the process of drafting submission materials, approaching firms, preparing for interviews, negotiating offers, and navigating any other obstacles that appear along the way.

What do our services cost?

We do not charge our clients. Instead, law firms pay us for delivering the talent that best suits their needs. Firms prefer our process because it prioritizes locating the best fit rather than spamming the market with the same application materials. This results in a better match between our clients and their landing firms.

I am not an associate, can I access the data?

Our primary focus is to help associates optimize their careers. We nonetheless recognize that others in the legal industry may benefit from our data. In the past, we have allowed access to certain law firms, legal publications and law schools to satisfy specific needs. Please email our co-founder Neil Aggarwal if you think access to our data would benefit you.

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